• Saturday, December 16 - Saturday School is cancelled at High Point High School.

Board of Education

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  • Dr. Segun Eubanks - BOE Chair
    Segun C. Eubanks, Ed.D.
    BOE Chair
  • Carolyn Boston photo
    Carolyn M. Boston
    BOE Vice-Chair, District 6
  • D Murray
    David Murray
    District 1
  • Lupi Quinteros Grady
    Lupi Quinteros-Grady
    District 2
  • Dinora Hernandez
    Dinora A. Hernandez, Esq.
    District 3
  • P. Eubanks Photo
    Patricia Eubanks
    District 4
  • Raaheela Ahmed
    Raaheela Ahmed
    District 5
  • K. Alexander Wallace photo
    K. Alexander Wallace
    District 7
  • Edward Burroughs Photo
    Edward Burroughs III
    District 8
  • Williams photo
    Sonya Williams
    District 9
  • Donna Wiseman Photo
    Donna Wiseman, Ph.D.
    Board Member
  • Mary Kingston Roche
    Mary Kingston Roche
    Board Member
  • Curtis Valentine photo
    Curtis Valentine, M.P.P.
    Board Member
  • Pending Photo
    Amanya Paige
    Student Board Member