• Parents

    Did you miss the Social Media Parent Workshop? Please click here if you would like to access the video that outlines what we covered. 

    Open House Information Sessions

    Open Houses for the 2017-2018 school year will take place on Tuesdays from 10:00 a.m.- 11:00 a.m. The dates are listed below:

    •  October 3th   

    •  November 7th   

    •  December 5th  

    •  January 2nd  

    •  February 6th  

    •  March 6th  

    •  April 10th  

    • May 15th ~ ***Date Change**** 

    Observation Protocol  

    Protocol for Observing in a Classroom at Robert Goddard Montessori School   

     **Classroom Observation Window opens after October 30, 2017 for primary classes. For all other grade levels, classroom observations can be requested at any time. Observations must be scheduled through the Montessori program Coordinator, Ms. Karuna Skariah. 

    •  The purpose of a student observation is limited to parents observing their own student: Student’s attentiveness in class, student’s ability to focus and access classroom instruction and directions, student’s participation and level of engagement in the lesson and/or questions, student’s responsiveness to the lesson, classwork and homework expectations, and student’s social/emotional/academic behavior in class.    

    •  Observations are scheduled around the classroom teacher and the Coordinator’s availability, and testing schedules.  Observations will not take place if the teacher or the coordinator is absent on the scheduled observation day.  

    •  Parents must schedule an observation only in classrooms where their student is currently taking classes. Student must be physically present in the classroom at the time of observation.  Only one observation per parent, per day, is allowed.  

    •  Observation duration runs anywhere between 45-60 minutes or one MOD period.  

    •  During observation, parents are assigned to a specific chair, where they are to remain seated during the duration of the observation. This is to maintain the normalcy of the classroom and prevent distraction and/or interruption to the lesson, teacher, or students.   

    •  Parents are expected to observe the lesson/s quietly without interacting with the teacher, the lesson, their student, or other students.  

    •  Parents are encouraged to take notes. If they have any questions regarding what they observed about their student, the lesson, or the curriculum, they are welcome to discuss such questions at another scheduled meeting with the teacher/s (according to grade level protocol).   

    •  The Instructional Program Coordinator will be present during an observation.  

     Thank you for observing the student protocol of RGMS.  We look forward to seeing you.