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Great by Choice ~ Committed to Hard Work and Excellence at the Academy of Higher Standards ~ Principals Welcome Letter and School Uniform Information Below ~ Check the Parents Page for School Supply Lists   



3301 Regency Parkway
Forestville, MD 20747
301-669-6536 Fax

  Principal: Michelle H. Pegram

Assistant Principals: Nashiydah Anderson & Sharon Hill


School Hours

 Staff: 7:15 - 2:55

 Students: 7:45 - 2:25  

 School Uniforms: Mandatory




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Last Day of School 


Thursday,  June 20th



2 hour Early Dismissal

Wednesday,  June 19th

Thursday,  June 20th


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Desiree Gibson
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Prince George's County Department of Social Services
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Community Resource Advocate Program - Samuel P. Massie Academy

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Greetings Samuel P. Massie Academy Family,

            Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year.  Our school theme is “Building a World Class Academy, Great by Choice!”

            It has always been my philosophy that all children can learn when placed in an environment that is conducive to learning. In order to produce and uphold such an environment, it is essential that we maintain a home/school/community partnership that promotes distinction. I will uphold exceptionally high standards for student achievement, both socially and academically. Personally, I have observed firsthand what students are capable of when they are encouraged to sustain an attitude that fosters high expectations and low excuses.

            The Samuel P. Massie Academy staff is committed to excellence. This school year will be filled with rigorous academic instruction and high levels of student achievement. When you visit our school and classrooms, you will observe teachers aggressively and consistently using a variety of strategies that promote and accelerate high levels of achievement. It will be characterized by small group instruction provided on each ability level, hands on activities, assessments with feedback, use of scaffolding with models and rubrics to transfer information from the concrete to the abstract, technology based home/school communications, and effective classroom management.

            I believe that we have the best school, best staff, best students, and best parents in Prince George’s County Public Schools. This will be reflected in our continual accomplishments this school year. Our focus for the year is to improve student achievement in all areas. You will notice more rigor with College and Career Readiness Standards. We are preparing our students to be “College and Career Ready”!

            Please welcome Ms. Nashiydah Anderson as the Elementary Assistant Principal to our team. Mrs. Bennett was promoted to Principal at another county school. Be advised that our Back to School Nights had to be changed due to Rosh Hashanah. Our new dates are Wednesday, September 13th (Pre-K-3rd) and September 14th (4th-8th) at 6 PM.



                                                                                                Mrs. Pegram 


School Uniforms: All students are required to wear their entire school uniform on the first day of school through the last day of school. Check your child’s uniform throughout the school year. Often students forget to wear their black belt. Also, when new school shoes/sneakers are purchased, black shoes fulfill the uniform requirement. Please remind your children to refrain from adding ornamental items or excessive necklaces or large earrings. These items are a distraction to learning. Sweaters or jackets must match the uniform shirt. Hoods are not allowed.

Head Start-Grade 5
Girls Boys
White/Light blue collared blouse White/Light blue dress shirt
White/Light blue polo style shirt White/Light blue polo style shirt
White socks/tights White socks
Navy blue socks/tights Navy socks
Navy blue sweater Navy blue sweater
Navy blue skirt/jumper Navy blue pants/shorts
Navy blue pants/shorts Black belt
Black Shoes/Sneakers/belt Black Shoes/Sneakers

Grade 6
Girls Boys
Navy polo style shirt Navy polo style shirt
White/black socks White/black socks
Khaki skirt/shorts/pants Khaki shorts/pants
Black or brown belt Black or brown belt
Black Shoes/Sneakers Black Shoes/Sneakers
Navy blue sweater Navy blue sweater
PE Black gym shorts/gray t-shirt Black gym shorts/gray t-shirt

Grade 7
Girls Boys
Burgundy polo style shirt Burgundy polo style shirt
White/black socks White/black socks
Khaki skirt/shorts/pants Khaki shorts/pants
Black or brown belt Black or brown belt
Black Shoes/Sneakers Black Shoes/Sneakers
Burgundy sweater Burgundy sweater
PE Black gym shorts/gray t-shirt Black gym shorts/gray t-shirt

Grade 8
Girls Boys
Red polo style shirt Red polo style shirt
White/black socks White/black socks
Khaki skirt/shorts/pants Khaki shorts/pants
Black or brown belt Black or brown belt
Black Shoes/Sneakers Black Shoes/Sneakers
Red sweater Red sweater
PE Black gym shorts/gray t-shirt Black gym shorts/gray t-shirt

➢ Headdresses can be worn indoors for religious and health reasons only. Students’ attire should reflect pride in our school and be appropriate for an academic setting. Students should dress appropriately to participate in physical education and recess.

➢ Breakfast/Lunch Information: School breakfast and lunches will be available on the first day. Breakfast in the classroom program will continue again this year. All students will eat breakfast free of charge from 7:20-7:40 am. Please make sure your child has money for lunch. Full price lunch has increased this year. Elementary lunch is $2.75 and secondary lunch is now $3.00; reduced lunch remains $0.40. A monthly menu will be sent home and can be viewed by visiting Students will use a personal identification number (PIN) to access the meal program. Students enrolled at a Prince George’s County Public School last year will use their same PIN. New students will be assigned a PIN during the first week of school. This number must be memorized immediately. Money should be deposited into the student’s account to prepay for meals. The computer maintains a declining balance as each meal is purchased. Parents are encouraged to deposit money regularly into their child’s account. You may also set up, review and add money to your child’s account on-line at All prepayments must be sent to the school in a sealed envelope with the following information printed on the outside of the envelope: student’s name, PIN, homeroom teacher, and amount enclosed.

Free and Reduced lunch applications are now available online at ONE APPLICATION PER FAMILY is required. Once applications are submitted, you will receive an approval notice confirming your child’s status. Please DO NOT ASSUME YOUR CHILD WILL RECEIVE FREE OR REDUCED LUNCH simply because the application has been turned in. You have to have received a response from the Free & Reduced Meals Program office to qualify. If your child was on free or reduced lunch last year, you need to submit a new form online by Friday, September 18th. Previous FARMS students will receive a grace period to receive free and reduced meals through September 30th. Families who do not submit a new application will be rolled over to regular lunch pricing at the end of the grace period.

The Prince George’s County Public School System has established a procedure for students that have lost or forgotten their lunch money. Students will be served a cheese sandwich at no charge. Therefore, no lunch money will be loaned to students from the office. Please make sure your child has enough money for lunch daily. Phone calls will not be made during the school day regarding lunch money. If the lunch changes, we will allow students to call home if there are dietary concerns that are documented in their health file or if the main office has been previously notified.

➢ School Supplies: When you purchase the supplies, consider buying extra items in order to replenish your child’s supplies during the year. Please label everything with a permanent marker. Sweaters, coats, book bags, pencil cases and lunch boxes can easily be returned to a child when their name is printed on each item. Class specific lists will be provided the first week of school.

➢ Student Information System: This telephone communication program will be used to inform you of absences, tardy arrivals, and special programs. Please make sure your home, cell, and work telephone numbers as well as e-mail address is current throughout the year.

➢ Discipline: Please send your child to school with the expectation that they will learn in a disciplined and positive classroom environment. Every child must cooperate by listening and following directions so the teacher can utilize every moment for teaching and learning. Teasing, bullying, fighting, using inappropriate language, or being disrespectful to teachers and classmates will not be tolerated. The Student Code of Conduct Handbook will be adhered to at all times. A school-wide discipline plan will be implemented and discussed with students. Thank you for supporting our endeavors to maintain a positive child centered learning environment.

➢ Fall Fundraiser: Fundraisers are critical to the support of the school. Our fall fundraiser kick-off date TBA. Additional information will be sent home with students.

➢ Fall Book Fair: Our Fall Book Fair TBA. The fair will be open during both Back to School nights for families to make purchases. Both cash and credit/debit payments will be accepted.

➢ PTA Membership: The PTA is an imperative component of our school. We strongly encourage every family to become a member of our PTA, which will sponsor many stimulating family oriented activities throughout the school year. The membership fee of $15 per person will be discussed at Back to School Nights. You are also encouraged to volunteer in the classroom with proper processing of fingerprints.

Please speak with your child’s teacher about your availability. We appreciate all that you do and are looking forward to working with you this school year.

➢ Testing: During the first few weeks of school, students will be assessed to determine their instructional level.

➢ Textbooks: Textbooks will be assigned to students and distributed during the first week of school. Board policy number 6161.1 states, “No pupil may be advanced to a higher grade unless the pupil, in addition to receiving a passing grade, returns these materials to the appropriate personnel, reimburses the school for lost or damaged materials or makes other satisfactory arrangements with the principal.” In June, textbooks must be returned in a similar condition as when issued.

➢ We hope you continue enjoying your summer break. Encourage your child to read daily and study their math facts. We look forward to meeting you at the Back to School Nights (September 13th: PreK-3rd grades and September 14th: Grades 4-8) at 6PM and throughout the year when you are able to visit our school and support the various programs explicit to Samuel P. Massie Academy.

Throughout the year, we will provide you with monthly online newsletters, weekly call-outs, and/or text messages. Additional information will be shared at our Back to School Nights. We will begin the school year focused on our mission and vision, invigorated by our students, and working to build a positive partnership with all parents. Please be assured that our staff will be characterized by a perpetual commitment toward continual improvement during our journey to excellence.


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