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SSL Best Practices

MSDE Best Practices of Student Service-Learning (SSL)

All independent service-learning activities must meet these best practices:

  1.  The Student Meets a Recognized Need in the Community.
    • Examines pressing community needs.  (preparation)
    • Strategizes to address problems associated with community needs.  (preparation)
    • Provides direct, indirect and/or advocacy service.  (action)
  2. The Student Achieves Curricular Objectives.
    • Uses academic standards to establish mastery objectives.  (preparation)
    • Applies academic learning to recognized community needs.  (preparation, reflection, action)
    • Assesses progress towards and attainment of mastery objectives.  (preparation, action)
  3. The Student Gains Necessary Knowledge and Skills.
    • Explores citizenship and career options.  (preparation, action)
    • Understands expectations associated with participation.  (preparation)
    • Cooperates with team members and community partners.  (action)
  4. The Student Plans Ahead.
    • Identifies tasks, timelines and outcomes. (preparation)
    • Assesses own skills and interests.  (preparation)
    • Takes leadership opportunities.  (preparation, action)
  5. The Student Works with Existing Service Organizations.
    • Identifies non profit, tax-exempt organizations with which to partner.  (preparation)
    • Creates collaborative, reciprocal relationships through involvement.  (action)
    • Respects the human dignity and contributions of others.  (action, reflection)
  6. The Student Develops Responsibility.
    • Evaluates own performance.  (reflection)
    • Strengthens character through civic engagement.  (action)
    • Participates in a range of service opportunities.  (action)
  7. The Student Reflects Throughout the Experience.
    • Evaluates overall impact of service and learning.  (reflection)
    • Analyzes what was learned from multiple perspectives.  (reflection)
    • Explores next steps to continue service-learning involvement.  (reflection)

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