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    Counselor's Corner

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    Renee Lewis: Professional School Counselor (K-5)  
     Cassie-Ann Quashie: Professional School Counselor (6-8)   
     Melinda McMullin: Guidance Secretary 



    The Guidance Office would like to welcome back students, parents and staff!  Please be sure to check this section for upcoming information and events that will be sponsored by the Guidance Office.

     Student Rights and Responsibilities

    All students in grades kindergarten through eight have been given information on the code of student conduct.  The code of student conduct was sent home for parent signature.  Please review this information with your child(ren), sign and return the while copy to your child’s teacher.

     Middle School Parent/Teacher Conferences

    If you would like to schedule a parent/teacher conference with all academic teachers you must contact Dr. Ball-Scott, the Middle School Assistance Principal.  Parent/teacher conferences are held on Mondays and Fridays at either 2:45PM or 3:00PM.  If you require a parent/teacher conference with an individual teacher please contact the teacher directly.

     Personal Education Plan

    Personal Education Plan will be developed for every student in order to help students and parents think about future educational and career goals.  The plan will be developed collaboratively with the parent(s)/guardian, student, and school counselor.  Personal Education Plans are a great way for parents, teachers, and other school staff members to work together to ensure your child’s future success.  Please return the conference form to the Guidance Office at your earliest convenience.

    Moving? Changed Your Phone Number?

    Please be sure to contact the Guidance Office if any of your information has changed (i.e, moved, new job).  It is very important for our office to have updated information on file. 

    Student Service Learning                               

    Service-learning is a teaching method that combines meaningful service to the community with curriculum-based learning for students in grades five and above. Students improve their academic skills by applying what they learn in school to the real world; they then reflect on their experience to reinforce the link between their service and their learning.  There have been numerous changes to the student service learning hour requirements.  These requirements can be found at http://www1.pgcps.org/ssl/.

    Service Learning hours may be completed at the approved sites located through the Prince George’s Volunteer Center or at www.princegeorgesvolunteer.org.  Most sites are non-profit, tax-exempt community-based organizations; however, for-profit nursing homes, hospitals, and licensed day-care facilities are also acceptable service sites.  Students who want to complete independent service-learning hours at a site that is not registered with Prince George's Volunteer Center must complete the site approval form.  Students may only do so through the Service Learning Coordinator, Ms. Meadows, at their school and the form MUST be submitted prior to starting any service activities at the site.

    All forms and additional information can either be picked up from the Guidance Office or downloaded from the PGCPS website.

    Changes in Family Circumstances                   

    If their have been any changes within your family (i.e., death of a loved one, separation) please let us know.  Many of our students exhibit behaviors during the school day that are a result of environmental factors which we are not usually made aware of until an incident at school occurs. Please contact your child’s counselor, Ms. Quashie, so that we can provide support and/or services for you and your child.  Any information shared is kept within the strictest confidence. Remember we are the support away from home for your child!!!

    Homeless Students

    In these tough economic times many families are left without a place to stay. Any child without a regular, fixed, and adequate nighttime residence is considered homeless. The child may live in a shelter, a temporary home, a motel, a car, a campground, or on the street. Homeless children may live temporarily with relatives or friends, because of a loss of permanent housing.  Prince Georges’ County Public School has various services and resources that are available to homeless students and their families.  If you believe that you are considered homeless, please contact the Guidance Office IMMEDIATELY so that we can assist you and your child.

    Homework/Assignment Requests for Absent Students

    If your child will be absent for more than three (3) days, please contact the Guidance Office to submit a homework/assignment request.  For absences that are less than three (3) days, homework/assignments can be requested from the teacher upon the student’s return to school.


    Transcript requests are received by Mrs. McMullin and MUST be made two-weeks in advance of the deadline date. Please allow a 48 hour turn around time for all requests.

    Career Day - TBD